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Federal Association of Volunteer Agencies

Growing civic engagement

Whether sports club or local action group, fire brigade or cultural initiative, Red Cross or educational patronage: without volunteers, many services and infrastructures simply would not be sustainable. Their commitment is crucial for the quality of life in our cities and communities, as well as for the democratic development of society at large. Civic engagement creates a richer and more colorful commonwealth.

To put it briefly: without volunteers, there is no such thing as society!

Our vision

Society is all of us. And it can only function fully when citizens, organizations, companies, charities, government and civil service show involvement and take on responsibility.

Young or mature, rich or poor, born here or abroad, with or without special needs – our vision is a society that enables all its members to contribute their talents and ideas.

Our main topics are volunteer services, intercultural projects, mentoring schemes and corporate involvement.

Volunteer agencies – Inspire to volunteer!


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Volunteer agencies support all who want to get involved. They help volunteers to find the project that suits them best. They advise and accompany organizations, administrations and companies on working with volunteers and help them to create the infrastructure required.

Being well-connected experts on the ground, they are able to identify current needs and challenges to develop new areas of activity or to set up new projects.

There are volunteer agencies all over the country, ranging from small project switchboards managed in an honorary capacity to established organizations run by several full-time employees.

The bagfa – A strong community

The Federal Association of Volunteer Agencies (bagfa) is a registered society and acts as both an umbrella organization and a professional association, promoting and empowering volunteer agencies around the country.

Established in 1999, bagfa now has over 200 members. Being religiously, politically and ideologically independent and impartial, our society holds a recognized charitable status.

bagfa Postkarten / Motive via Fotolia.com

Our aim is to generate greater awareness for and appreciation of the achievements of volunteer agencies, as well as to improve their operating conditions.

We represent the interests of volunteer agencies on the Federal level and take a stance on current developments around volunteering and citizens’ involvement.

We advise volunteer agencies in professional matters, produce information and work material, organize trainings and support quality development in volunteering with our own quality management system. Agencies which fulfil the requirements of quality are granted a seal of quality by bagfa.

To help the members in professionalizing their daily work, bagfa provides a wide range of theme days and working groups.

We promote exchange, cooperation and project transfer between volunteer agencies. To achieve this we organize a big annual meeting of all members and award prizes for innovative projects.

Together, we develop new areas of activity and new projects.

Our professional expertise not only benefits Volunteer Agencies, but everybody who takes an interest in their work: citizens, organizations and associations, companies and government, administration and media.

In good company

Would you like to work with us? Would you like to access our expertise and experience? Would you like to support our aims with joint projects or sponsorship?

Then you will find yourself in good company. We have reputable partners and supporters in politics, economy and civil society all over Germany.

bagfa: better active, good for all

In our English flyer you can find more information about the bagfa.

Translation: Guido Jansen-Recken, Christine Arnold